About Cristina

Cristina’s mission is to empower women to live their lives to the fullest and to help them achieve holistic wellness. She believes that every woman has the potential to transform her life and discover her inner strength and purpose.

Cristina Braun-Jones

Women’s Divinity Author and Mentor

Through her work, Cristina provides resources and support for women to discover and embody their divine feminine qualities, cultivate joy of life, and develop fulfilling relationships. Her approach is to work on self-love, and self-acceptance. She combines ancient Mayan wisdom with well-known methods, utilizing practices such as yoga, dancing, meditation and intuition development to promote mental,  emotional, and physical wellbeing. 

I believe that every woman has a right to discover her inner wisdom and the joy of being the temple of the Divine

- Cristina Braun-Jones

Tap into divine inspiration though Cristina's lineage

You are Cordially Invited to the Wedding of Heaven and Earth

Join Cristina Braun-Jones on a transformative journey. Step into the realm where Heaven and Earth unite, and allow the profound wisdom of movement to elevate your health, happiness, and spiritual connection.

Welcome to the world of Cristina Braun-Jones, where the union of Heaven and Earth takes center stage. She has a profound understanding of energy healing since childhood. Cristina’s journey began in Honduras, where she immersed herself in the wisdom of the Mayan Medicine Women. During her formative years she was fascinated by the local indigenous healing practices and the joyful gatherings for ceremonies and dancing.  As a teenager, she relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana, and shared her passion for dance, proudly representing her country in captivating folkloric performances.

In 1996, Cristina’s life took a transformative turn when she embarked on a retreat at the renowned Expanding Light center in California, where she was introduced to the profound practice of Yoga. Inspired by this life-altering experience, she returned to Louisiana and established the Center for Mind, Body, and Soul Fitness, a pioneering sanctuary dedicated to teaching and learning in a sacred space.  

During a workshop in Sarasota, presented by Megha Nancy Buttenheim, a Kripalu teacher and the visionary creator of “Let Your Yoga Dance” Cristina’s heart was immediately captured, propelling her to travel to St. Augustine, Florida and later on to Costa Rica to obtain her certifications in Let Your Yoga Dance. This gentle practice can only be described as a moving celebration of spirit and the expansion of joy.

Cristina also earned an online Certification from DailyOm in Shakti Warrior Dance for Healing. 

Cristina received her RYS-200 Yoga Teacher Certification, as well as Chair Yoga Certification from Heartwood Yoga Institute in Bradenton Florida. Surrounded by nature, beauty and caring instructors at Heartwood, Cristina came home with a renewed desire to continue her mission to help women advance to self-realization.

Driven by her passion to guide women in embracing their divine feminine qualities, Cristina infuses her teachings with meditation, dance, and sacred ceremonies. Her classes are an invitation for every woman to celebrate her unique essence, unlocking the transformative power of dance and yoga to enhance physical health and promote profound happiness.

With decades of experience and a deep reservoir of firsthand knowledge, Cristina brings the wisdom of dance and yoga into every class, creating a space where students can connect with their authentic selves, elevate their well-being, and experience the sheer joy of movement. Her dedication to empowering women to celebrate their divine feminine qualities is palpable in every session.

Join Cristina Braun-Jones on a transformative journey where the dance of the sacred and the practice of yoga intertwine. Step into the realm where Heaven and Earth unite, and allow the profound wisdom of movement to elevate your health, happiness, and spiritual connection.